Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cheers to a New Year!

New Years day has come and gone. All of the Christmas decor has come down. What takes several days to get up takes only a matter of hours to take down As usual, I feel a bit saddened that the holidays are over. My house always feels so empty without the tree and other holiday embellishments. Now is back to the day to day business of getting things done. I am not one who usually has a New Year's resolution. I will call them goals for this year. I had been excercising daily until I had a couple minor outpatient procedures this fall. I will get back on track! My other goals for this year: learn and become more familiar with photoshop, scan my box of items that still need to be scrapbooked, and just to enjoy life a bit more. What are your resolutions/goals for this year?

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