Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Digi-Scrapping and Stuff!

Not much exciting going on here today. I am working on creating my first digi-scrapbook kit. I hadn't realized how much time and effort goes into this process. In the process of doing the kit I am learning new techniques which will definitely make things easier in the future. I took a bunch of pictures of some great textured items in my house to use in creating overlays. Although it is time consuming it definitely keeps my creative side going.

In other news, the kids are doing great. Brennan is enjoying his last few days of winter break. Keegan is his usual self for the most part. He had been sick for a week and is still clinging to me a bit.

I have another recipe favorite for you all. It is Israeli Spice Chicken which I make at least once a month. I follow the directions for the chicken. I do, however, change up the rest. I don't have the patience to make the relish so I substitute it with Pico De Gallo. My husband isn't a fan a mint. So, I do mushrooms and zucchini sauteed in butter with a bit of garlic powder, garlic salt, and pepper.


michele said...

Love the new blog!!! Where is the recipe? Also what site are you creating a kit for? I can't wait to see it.


Monique said...

I have a recipes section in the sidebar. The recipe links are all there. I am not creating for a specific site. I am doing it for myself. But since it is my first. Once it is done I will post here as a freebie for others to use. I would definitely like to hear what others think.


michele said...

Cool deal I will check out the recipe links I guess I missed that LOL!!

I can't wait to check out your digi kit!!