Saturday, July 31, 2010

1 year

So, we have officially been in Texas for just over a year now. I honestly can't believe how fast the time went by. Although this was one of the hardest decisions Steve and I had to make for our family I still believe it was the best decision. Don't get me wrong, there are things and people that I still love and miss in CA. But overall we couldn't be happier here.Things that I love about being in Texas:
1. Not being in extreme debt for our home
2. There is no State Income Tax
3. Our children are getting a wonderful education
4. How green it is almost all year round
5. The amazing trees and flowers
6. The warm weather pretty much year round
7. Steve is now home more often than he is gone
8. Our pool
9. Our amazing new friends and neighbors
10. Being able to actually save some money

The only negative so far aside from missing my family and friends in CA are the bugs. Not sure I will ever get used to them. At least I have a terrific pest guy who I can call anytime to deal with them.

It has been a crazy chaotic year but I wouldn't change a thing. I took a little time off of scrapbooking. Too many other things to tackle. I am back to it, creating pages, papers, and other fun things. I know the 4th of July has passed by but I still decided to create a small 4th kit. Even when things aren't great in the US and the economy is in the dumps, I remember how thankful I am to live in the country we live in. So many rights and privileges that others don't have. Happy belate 4th of July! Thanks to all those that serve and protect us here and overseas.

4th of July Mini

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Freebie

I have been playing around in Photoshop again. I absolutely love creating new unique digital papers. I have been stuck on plaids for the last few months. Here is a fun new Diagonal Plaid I created. I am including it in several colors. Enjoy!